My Long and Painful Experience with Dientamoeba fragilis

Discovering that you have a parasite living in your large intestine and not knowing about it for years may sound like the plot line for a new science fiction movie or television show, but it is very real. Although nobody is sure exactly how many people have played host to the parasite named Dientamoeba fragilis and many people never show any symptoms of its existence, it is known to cause a variety of health problems.

I know, because I spent a long time being wrongly diagnosed and at one point, a doctor thought I was a hypochondriac with mental health issues. Even after I was diagnosed, medical physicians were not the ones who helped me, as I had to try multiple treatment options from a variety of sources until I could finally be cured of this atrocious parasite.

Frankly, it was also starting to impact my marriage, as it is difficult to enjoy spending time with someone who constantly suffers from gas and loud burps. If that was not enough, within about eight weeks of the first real symptom that did not quickly go away, I developed s abdominal pain that seemed as if I should be giving birth or having a vital organ removed. Without naming my age, I will say that I am a grandmother who is well past the age to be giving birth and no organs needed to be removed.

I also want to point out that I have not left the country in recent years and I have always been careful about cooking food properly and washing my hands. I rarely eat out, do not particularly enjoy meat and have not spent time with any young children for many years, as they all live on the other side of the country from us. That means that although I had this wretched thing, I truly have no idea where I got it from.

My Early Life with Dientamoeba Fragilis

Although I cannot be sure of how or when I got Dientamoeba fragilis, I do recall that it was about four years ago that I started to feel sick or experience pain much of the day. Imagine a virus that makes you want to stay in bed constantly and your symptoms last for almost two years. That is how awful I felt and there seemed to be no relief in sight. After a while, my adult children believed that it somehow related to either menopause, Empty Nest Syndrome or both.

I was hungry all of the time, but much of what I ate made me incredibly nauseated or gave me diarrhea. I’ve never had a weight problem, so when I dropped a few pounds without trying, I looked too thin and unhealthy. Let me tell you, people noticed.

Honestly, the worst part was not how I felt, although I definitely felt terrible. However, since my symptoms also included shaky hands and bloodshot eyes, more than one acquaintance and co-worker thought I had a drug or alcohol problem. As a result, my career and daily life were impacted far beyond just my physical symptoms. To this day, I think some people at the office where I work think that I am recovering from something other than a significant health problem like the especially vicious parasite Dientamoeba fragilis.

My First Attempts to Evict My Unwanted Companion

Up to the next point, I was uncomfortable and felt very unwell most of the time, but I was not yet furious with anyone about it. After the symptoms persisted for a few months and my over-the-counter medicines and diet changes had not helped, I scheduled a visit with my physician. We tried antibiotics and I was tested for ulcers, which did not work, so we tried another antibiotic because he thought I had a low-grade infection somewhere that my body was trying to react to.

After a while, he diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is also known as IBS. Although the diagnosis made sense and the majority of my symptoms certainly fit, the doctor never once asked me for a stool sample. If they had done so and tested it for Dientamoeba fragilis, I would not have had to endure the discomfort and embarrassment associated with being a host for as long as I did.

That wrong diagnosis made me very angry because I treated a problem that I did not have and I was forced to spend quite a bit of money on medications that did not help me for long. The worst part was that when I called the doctor and told him about my diagnosis many months later, he called me back to tell me that a lot of people have Dientamoeba fragilis and it is really not a very big deal. I disagree and I cannot believe that anyone who has this problem would say that its existence is not that big of a deal, as the mere idea of the problem is a bit disgusting and the symptoms can be debilitating.

When at First I did not Succeed, I Tried and Tried Again

Still believing that I had IBS that was not responding to standard treatments, my regular doctor referred me to a gastric specialist. It was my third appointment with him before I was asked for a stool sample and then at the next visit, was asked to provide a three day stool sample. Given that I had so much diarrhea at that time, providing those samples was challenging.

I should also point t out that the specialist was actually just trying to rule out a parasite. When the sample tested positive for Dientamoeba fragilis, he thought for a while that I had contracted it in addition to developing IBS. He gave me some strong antibiotics that I wound up taking twice over a period of about two months. My symptoms never went away and I had to have all of my clothing altered, because I had lost so much weight at that point.

Sine I now had been to multiple appointments with this specialist and still had no significant improvement that lasted for long, I quit seeing him. I found another doctor an hour and a half away who had a lot of experience with Dientamoeba fragilis. Numerous trips back and forth and an every-growing medicine cabinet full of prescriptions later, she told me that my symptoms were in my head and perhaps I should seek counseling. She did manage to confirm that I did not have I.B.S. and the parasite had been in me for a while, but getting rid of it permanently started to seem like an impossible dream.

My Eventual Success and Return to Good Health

I was about this close to giving up and accepting my fate as a permanently sick and impaired host to what seemed like the world’s most tenacious parasite when I realized that parasites, in one form or another had been around for many years. Logically, they have existed since long before prescription medications were available and during a period of time when the benefits of sanitation and hand washing were unknown. As a result, there had to be a natural, better way of ridding my body of its unwanted guest and if so, I was going to find it.

That is when I discovered a product called Canxida Remove. Instead of antibiotics that may or may not help, but can wreak havoc on your immune system while trying, it is an antifungal. As a result, it kills fungus and each dose of it includes powerful herbs that are designed to improve the way your body functions. It had often been noticed that when people have suffered from one or more parasites for a long time, their bodies become depleted of important nutrients.

A weakened body will not have the highest function immune system. When you think about it, it only makes sense that you should build it back up while you are getting rid of the parasite. After treating my whole body through this supplement, I was finally rid of the creature that had fed off of the last reserves my body had.

Finally, it has not been very long since I finished taking the supplement that improved my life so much. Although it has only been a few weeks, I am slowly getting back to a normal weight. I also have an acceptable energy level and I feel truly happy and healthy for the first time in a long time. If you are interested in getting rid of your Dientamoeba fragilis, I strongly recommend that you visit Doing so was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made and I cannot recommend the product enough.